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Hong Kong

Hong Kong is found on south coast of China, sixty kilometre (37 mi) east of Macau on the other facet of the Pearl stream Delta, north to Shengzhen. It boards province town of Shenzhen to the north over the Shenzhen stream, Wanshan Islands of Zhuhai in province to the south. It consists of Hong Kong Island, Kowloon Peninsula, the New Territories and other 262 small islands.
Originally Hong Kong was a small fishing village. Today, it’s one among the world’s most cosmopolitan cities wherever the East really meets the West. On one Gregorian calendar month 1997, Hong Kong became a Special Administrative Region of China in an arrangement that would last for 50 years. Operating underneath the ‘one country, two systems policy’, Hong Kong maintains its own political, social and economic systems. English remains an officer language and Hong Kong’s border with China still exists. Now reunited with the ground, visually stunning Hong Kong offers a warp-speed ‘shop till you drop’ lifestyle combined with enclaves of tradition.
Hong Kong is a highly prosperous international metropolis now, and one of the third largest financial centers in the world. Hong Kong is Asia’s leading financial, services and shipping center. It is referred to as the ” “Gourmet Paradise” and “Shopping Paradise”.
Hong Kong tourism is one of the economic sources of Hong Kong’s income. Hong Kong is one among the world’s preferred traveler destinations. It combines the Oriental tradition and Western cultures.
Tourism within the urban economic development within the business, position, and step by step increase the economic role of the business enterprise business to spice up the urban economy, social employment, actuation, as well as the promotion of the role of culture and the environment becomes increasingly obvious. Tourism could be a pillar of China’s economic development industries.
Hong Kong has always been contradictory synthesis. Here is crammed with material need, a luxury and dissipation flourish, and flowing crowds. Also, in Hong Kong’s not wide road, you’ll notice tea restaurants or historical overhang.
People travel here to feel the prosperity; ladies here like to buy groceries, children love to play in Disneyland and Ocean Park, however, Hong Kong’s essence lies in his night, you can go to central Lan Kwai Fong to point a glass of red wine; or ride a star ferry to travel the harbor; or take the top cable car to the Victoria Peak, overlooking Victoria harbour fascinating dim light of night, feeling the rhythm of Hong Kong neon lights.
Famous Landmarks in Hong Kong
Famous Landmarks in port area unit thought of the Name Card of this active town, which could be majestic architecutures, amusement parks or skycrapers, ancient and new. TopChinaTravel here would like to introduce the most representative landmarks and famous buildings in Hong Kong, like the Victoria Peak, Repulse Bay and Ocean Park, etc. for you.
Victoria Peak
Victoria Peak, is located in Hong Kong Island and its a mountain which known as Mount Austin. It is the highest hierarchical and one among the foremost noted traveler attractions in port. With a height of 522 meters higher than water level, it is the highest mountain of the Hong Kong Island. The area tourists visit is not the actual summit of Victoria Peak, which is occupied by a radio telecommunications facility and is closed to the public. But the area surrounded, from where visitors can enjoy spectacular views of the city and its harbours.
Repulse Bay
Repulse Bay is one among the foremost common traveler sites in port. Located within the southern a part of port Island, it is also an outstanding representative of the beach resort in the island that attractes tourists from home and abroad to spend their leisure time. Shaped as a crescent, this bay enjoys long and gentle slope, broad and clean sandy beach and soft clear water, is an ideal place for swimming or taking a stroll at sunset when all is at peace. The former colonial style Repulse Bay Hotel and the ornate Life Guard Club built in traditional Chinese style are all there for you to explore. The Repulse Bay space is one among the foremost overpriced housing areas in port. Many triple-crown businessmen and stars of enter-circle have their own mansion there.
Ocean Park
Listed joined of the Top10 theme parks in th world, metropolis Ocean Park is one among the world’s largest oceanaria that includes a hundred and seventy unsmooth acres commanding the ocean. Opened in Jan, 1977, this extremely popular amusement park furthermore because the pleasure ground is located between Aberdeen and Repulse Bay of the Southern District of metropolis. The park has won many awards, including The World’s Seventh Most Popular Amusement Park and 33rd Most Visited Tourist Attractions in the World by Forbes.
Hong Kong Disneyland Park
Hong Kong funfair Park is that the 1st Disney-theme park of China, the 11th Theme Park organized by Disneyland International Cooperation. It is located on reclaimed land in Penny’s Bay, Lantau Island, which covers an area of about 40 hectares, opened to visitors on 12 September 2005.
There square measure four main amusement sections within the park, which are the Main Street U.S.A, Fantasy Land, Tomorrow Land and Adventure Land. Staffs in this theme park can speak English and Chinese, including Cantonese and Mandarin dialects, to communicate or help visitors. Guide Maps square measure written in each ancient and Simplified characters, Japanese, and in English.
Hong Kong International Commerce Centre
Hong Kong International Commerce Centre, located in West Kowloon, height of 484 meters. This is the tallest building in Hong Kong and the 4th tallest construction in China. Moreover, it is currently the world’s fourth tallest building by height and world’s second tallest building by floors as well.
It has opened to public in 2011. As the final phase of Union, it is a missed-use 118-floor skyscraper designed by well-known Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates(KPF). The rubber-necking platform is ready up within the a hundredth floor, from where, tourists can enjoy a bird-view of great Victoria Harbor. While the luxury hotel, The Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong occupies floors from 102 to 118.
Hong Kong International Finance Center
Facing Victoria Harbor, Hong Kong International Finance Center is the prominent landmark on Hong Kong Island. Wit a height of 415.8 meters, it is an integrated commercial development on the waterfront of Hong Kong’s Central District, which consists of two skyscrapers, the IFC Mall, and the 55-story Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong.
Base on structure height, it’s the second highest building in metropolis, whereas the eighth tallest building within the bigger China region, and, it’s the eighth-tallest office block in the world.

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Hong Kong is found on south coast of China, sixty kilometre (37 mi) east of Macau on the other facet of the Pearl stream Delta, north to Shengzhen. It boards province town of Shenzhen to the north over the Shenzhen stream, Wanshan Islands of Zhuhai in province to…