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Tourism in Israel is one of Israel's major sources of income, with a record 3.6 million
tourist arrivals in 2017, and 25 % growth since 2016 and contributed NIS 20 billion to the
Israeli economy creating it an incomparable record.[
Israel Private Nature Tours
Although Israel is only 20255 square km (7820 square miles) big, its geography is
extremely diverse, and whichever part of the country you will be in – you will always see
a different sort of view from your window. Join E.I Tourism Services’ special private
nature tour of Israel, where you’ll be able to see it all: from green views to desert views,
from natural caves to manmade fortresses, and, of course, the world famous Dead Sea
– a special natural phenomenon unique only to Israel. Together we will cross the country
and see the lovely nature Israel has to offer.
Gan Hashlosha (Sachne)
E.I Tourism Services will take you to the famous cool mountain springs at Gan
Hashlosha (Sachne), at the foot of Mount Gilboa. Those of you who are interested may
also see the site of where King Saul was killed by the Philistines on top of the mountain.
Rosh Hanikra, Keshet Cave and Monfort Casle
On this nature tour of Israel, E.I Tourism Services will take you to Rosh Hanikra to see
the unique grottos and caves carved out by the sea. Then our nature tour will continue
east, climbing the northern ridge of the Galilee, so you can visit the spectacularly shaped
Keshet cave and the impressive remains of the Monfort Crusader castle.
Mount Bental
Your private nature tour of Israel will take you to the old Israeli Defense Force post on
top of Mount Bental. In this interesting place you will see not only the buikdings and
trenches which make up the old military post, but also the breath taking views of the
Golan Heights and beyond.
Hula Bird Sanctuary
E.I Tourism Services’ private nature tour of Israel will take you to visit the unique Hula
bird sanctuary, which monitors the bi-annual migration pattern of half a billion birds,
travelling from Europe to Africa and back each year.
Birkat Ram

E.I Tourism Services’ private nature tour of Israel will take you to see the beautiful
extinct volcano crater at Birkat Ram. On the way to see this interesting nature
phenomenon, we will go passed Meggido (Armageddon), and stop in the Upper Galilee
for a breath taking panoramic view of the Sea of Galilee and the Golan Heights. Another
stunning view stop will be at the Gadot observation point, which overlooks the Hula
Valley, the Upper Galilee and Lebanon.
Banias Rivers
This comprehensive private nature tour of Israel will also take you for a short walk along
the Banias River, which is one of the sources of the Jordan River. For those of you who
are interested, E.I Tourism Services offers the opportunity to visit the ancient city of
Caesarea Phillippi, where you’ll see historic remnants of different religions from different
periods in history.
The Dead Sea
The Dead Sea, recently nominated for one of the Seven Wonders of the World, is a
beautiful place, full of natural minerals and therapeutic mud. You private nature tour will
take you to witness this salty lake, unique only to Israel. E.I Tourism Services will take
you toThe Dead Sea, the lowest place on Earth, where you will be able to float around in
its healing waters, or use the mineral or mud treatments. For those of you who are
interested, there is also a wide range of alternative treatments (extra fees apply).
Dead Sea: Salt ponds seen from Mount Sodom
Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv is Israel’s second town and also the country’s cultural and business capital. The
Tel Aviv is a city with a savvy attitude and cultural astuteness, “the city which never
sleeps”, its for culture, nightlife, cuisine, and liberalism. Prominent museums, restored
neighborhoods such as the ancient Port of Jaffa, Neve Tzedek and the White City of
Bauhaus style buildings, and a young and diverse population, make Tel Aviv a city that
you'll be able to ne'er stop exploring.

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