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Ayurveda Tour

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Ayurveda Tour

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Kerala is a primary destination for Ayurveda Tours. The term ‘Ayurveda’ is derived from ‘Ayu’, meaning life and ‘Veda’ representing knowledge; thus ‘Ayurveda’ is the art of healing and prolonging life.
Kerala is not just a treat to eyes, but also for the body, mind, and soul. The Peoples of Kerala believes that the 5,000-year old healing system of Ayurveda can treat any diseases. This Southern state of India doesn’t take it as an mainstream medicine treatment. The reason behind Kerala being the Ayurveda tourism breakout is that, it is blessed with calm climate, natural abundance of forests and cool monsoon season, which is just perfect place for any treatments.
That’s perhaps the reason why here one can find many resorts, healing centers, and hotels that cure any disease. If you are also fascinated by this unique idea of healing and wants to plan an Ayurveda holiday in Kerala then HolidayMake.Com has got some good option for Ayurveda tours. One of the leading travel agency in India, HolidayMake.Com specializes in offering Ayurveda and meditation holidays in the best Ayurveda destinations of Kerala.
HolidayMake.Com has over a decade of experience in providing well wellness packages in best Ayurveda retreats of Kerala.
We have listed with us special hospital, and resorts that will treat you with the right therapy depending upon the problem. The Ayurveda Spa Holidays provided by us are just not limited to booking the accommodation but it will also include a visit the nearby attractions of Kerala. Check out the itineraries, and for any other query, you’re free to contact the travel experts at HolidayMake.Com .
‘Ayurveda’ ,the term derived from ‘Ayu’, meaning life and ‘Veda’ representing knowledge; thus ‘Ayurveda’ is the art of healing and elongation of life.
Ayurveda, the sagacity of the gurus and the treasure of the ages, finds new meaning and relevance as modernity constantly threatens to deteriorate the honors of the past. The supporting a way of life that is in fully harmony with the way of nature . Seeking to maintain the perfect balance of body, mind and soul. Approaching each ailment, and each person individually and independently. Reaching deep within. Healing the very being.

An raveled system of the healing that fored in India thousands of years ago, historical evidence of Ayurveda can be found in the Vedas, ancient books of wisdom. Ayurveda ,the term created with two Sanskrit words – Ayur, which means life and Veda, which means knowledge. Ayurveda, thus, is the knowledge of life.

Basic Concepts of Ayurveda

The three basic biological area of Ayurveda are Vata, Pitta and Kapha. These biological elements originated from the Panchamahdbhutas and ,they are commonly called “Triguna” in health and “Tridosha” in diseased position of the body. Arbitrarily they are referred to as Tridosha”. Vata element is formed by mix of “Akasha” and “Vayu” and, in the human body is represents “Control”, its motivating effects affect all parts of the body and is brought about through the agency of neuro-musculo-hormonal mechanisms. Smooth co-ordinated movements, functioning of central, autonomic and peripheral nervous systems are identified with functions of vata. An abnormal vata can lead to neuro-muscular disorders and hormonal problems. Pitta element is formed from Teja and Jala and constitutes the movement and flow of energy within the body. Pitta element controlled by vata brings about the breakdown of food during digestion and food elements within the body to provide the bio-energy. Various catabolic enzymes and hormone systems form part of this element. Unusual pitta can lead to thermal disorders, breakdowns and catabolic disorders. Kapha element is formed from Prithvi and Jala mahatbhutas and composes the grouping of solid and fluid constituents of various body elements such as cells, tissues, muscles etc., which controlled by vata, it persuades growth, development and healing of wounds. The Kapha element also manages fluid balance of the body, within its various organs and organ spaces. Abnormal kapha may lead to accumulative disorders leading to clot formation, stone and tumour formation etc. Increased kapha encourages and sustains infective processes. Vata, Pitta and Kapha within the body are nursed by the food ingredients and they react to changes in conditions and mental states. The Vata, Pitta, and Kapha bring about the configuration of the seven dhatus and their tissues in the body, namely: Rasa (body fluids), Raktha (blood elements), Mamsa (Muscles, tendons etc.) Medha (adipose tissues), Majjha (nerves), Asthi (bones), Shukra (sperm, ova, regenerative tissues). In Ayurveda states that, each dhatu is formed from its preceding dhatu. Every dhatu has its own metabolism and waste products (Malas). The malas are catabolic aspects of tridoshas. Hence here described ,the three doshas, the seven dhatus and the three malas constitute the integral part of the living body, when they are in a balanced state, health reigns supreme in the body. When they are vitiated and unbalanced, disease and ageing process predominate.

Various Ayurvedic Treatment
Packages in Kerala, India

• Panchakarma treatment
• Weight Reduction program
• Detox and Rejuvenation
• Eye Care
• Preventive and Regenerative
• Sinusitis and Migraine
• Slip disc treatment
• Osteo Arthritis (OA)
• Chronic Back Pain
• Post-Pregnancy Program
• Treatment for Skin Diseases
• Treatment for Diabetes
• De-addiction and Rehabilitation
• Bronchial Diseases Treatment
• Treatment to Remove Stress and Strain
• Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)
• Treatment for Nervous Disability
• Treatment for Hypertension
• Treatment for Facial Paralysis
• Treatment for Paralysis
• Treatment for Psoriasis
• Treatment for Cervical Spondylitis
• Revitalizing and Strengthening Treatment for Cancer Patients


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