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There are many reasons to visit Gujarat, the coastal state located in the western part of India. Its home to the Asiatic Lion, witnessed in all their glory at Gir National Park. With a history dating back thousands of years, it’s dotted with temples, mosques and other historical monuments that transport you back in time and shed light on its glorious heritage. Gujarat is also home to several natural wonders like the Rann of Kutch, the largest salt desert in the world.

If the remnants from the past leave you captivated, wait till you see the wildlife of Gujarat. The roar of the Asiatic Lion rings through your ears, while the sight of the feisty Blackbuck is a sheer delight. One also witnesses various eras of history, whether at the excavations at Lothal and Dholavira or at Sabarmati Ashram from where Mahatma Gandhi planned several national movements. If you haven’t yet visited Gujarat, you are missing out on an incredible experience. Here are some of the amazing tourist attractions and places to visit in Gujarat.

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Day 1
Ahmedabad Meeting and acknowledgment at the field, followed by a transfer to the building. After Breakfast, you will be transferred to Jamnagar by Car. The Bala Hanuman temple is a renewed pilgrimage site for Lord Hanuman followers. The temple is known all over India for its chanting of Jai Ram, Jai Ram, Jai Ram".
Day 2
Dwarka The religious site of Dwarka is a abode of Shri Krishna for Hinduism followers. Dwarka was founded by Lord Krishna and it is regarded as the first capital of Gujarat. Located on the banks of Gomti River, Dwarka was a planned city of Gujarat. Local sightseeing in Dwarka includes a visit to: o Dwarkadish Temple o Rukhmani Temple o Nageshwar Jyotirling o Beyt Dwarka o Gopi Talav
Day 3
Somnath The scenic city of Porbandar is a coastal town famous as the birth place of great freedom fighter Mahatma Gandhi. A visit to Porbandar city is memorable as it houses various temples and intesrting tourist attractions. Local sightseeing in Porbandar includes the following places: o Kirti Temple o Sudama Temple o Sandipani (Shri Hari Mandir) o Continue Drives To Veraval / Somnath (120 Kms / 2.5 Hours) o Somnath Temple
Day 4
Diu The beach at Somnath is one of the mesmerizing experiences to the guest. You can fancy with time off on golden sand beach providing a spread of activities. One can also enjoy swimming, sunbathing, parasailing and surfing. o Jallandhar Shrine o St. Paul'S Church o Diu Museum o Diu Fort o Gangeshwar Temple Diu o Nagoa Beach
Day 5
Diu to Gir National Park Sasan Gir National Park is home to some of the . This life reserve covers a large space of dense forest at the side of evergreen vegetations. The park conjointly homes an oversized range of leopard population at the side of deer, noticed ruminant and nylghau. You will get a chance to see various types of birds at Sasan Gir National Park.
Day 6
Ahmedabad The journey from Sasangir to Ahmedabad (400 Kms) takes around 7 hour.

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