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Medical Tourism

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Medical Tourism

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Over the last few decades India, especially Kerala has made amazing achievements in the Medical Services. Kerala now in a position to provide any such advanced surgical and health care treatments in a cost effective way. The Indian medical sector has emerged to be a health care destination to access low priced medical treatments with world class standards. Kerala is a main destination for all types of tourism and blessed with lot of nature beauties, blessed because Kerala has the distinction of being a state having:
• A moderate weather throughout the year
• World class medical facilities
• Renowned doctors specialized in major disciplines
• Trained para-medical staff and technicians
• Excellent pre and post care treatment
• Cost effectiveness i.e. Suiting your budget
Holidaymake.com is one of the authorized partners of Medical tourism in India and Kerala, and we are organizing medical tours for people from different parts of the world. We have tie up with the world-class hospitals in Kerala and , we can help you to get the right treatment in Kerala and India. Below are the health care treatments which can be accessed in Kerala and all over India.
Modern Medicine
The expense of the treatment, long waiting, shortage relevant facilities & insufficient infrastructure in their homeland brings lot of foreign nationals to Kerala , India for their medical needs. Kerala not only in efficient practitioners, but also in the availability of Super Specialty Hospitals and treatments. Almost all of them offer the latest in modern medicine along with best in class facilities and superior infrastructure. We offers you not only the cost effective treatment, but also the natural beauty of kerala, pleasant climate right, friendly people and a laid back feel to make you feel relaxed and renewed.
We believe in offering you the best treatment, at the best hospital in Kerala, at an affordable cost. We assure treatment at internationally acclaimed and accredited hospitals at lowest rates. We can organize treatment in various branches of modern medicine like general medicine, cardiology, diabetology, oncology, orthopaedics, paediatrics, neurology, urology, pulmonology, dentistry, maxillofacial surgery, general surgery, cosmetology, dermatology etc.
Ayurveda is an ancient gift from India ,to the whole world. Kerala offers a rich heritage and tradition in this science of life and prides itself in offering appropriate Ayurveda treatment. ‘Ayurveda’ ,the term originated from ‘Ayu’, meaning life and ‘Veda’ representing knowledge, so the ‘Ayurveda’ is the art of healing and prolonging life.
According to the Vedhas & Puranas followed by Hindus, Dhanvantari, its an incarnation of lord Vishnu appears as the physician of the gods. Kerala is not just a treat to eyes, but also for the body, mind, and soul. The Peoples of Kerala believes that the 5,000-year old healing system of Ayurveda can treat any diseases. This Southern state of India doesn’t take it as an mainstream medicine treatment. The reason behind Kerala being the Ayurveda tourism breakout is that, it is blessed with calm climate, natural abundance of forests and cool monsoon season, which is just perfect place for any treatments.
That’s perhaps the reason why here one can find many resorts, healing centers, and hotels that cure any disease. If you are also fascinated by this unique idea of healing and wants to plan an Ayurveda holiday in Kerala then HolidayMake.Com has got some good option for Ayurveda tours. One of the leading travel agency in India, HolidayMake.Com specializes in offering Ayurveda and meditation holidays in the best Ayurveda destinations of Kerala.
Naturopathy utilizes the healing power of the Mother Nature. The Naturopathy treatments are all invented from the bounties of nature itself. Mud, sand, water, air, sunlight etc. these Natural ingredients are used as an aid in the healing process in Naturopathy. And the toxins from the body are ejected in a smooth way and it will leading to a stress free feel and rejuvenation.
Naturopathy trusts , the human body has its own healing powers and it implying there is an inner energy present in the body which can do wonders with the right guidance from a practitioner. Naturopathy follows the principle of ‘diagnosing and treating the cause’, and not only the symptoms or disease itself.
Naturopaths is closely related with food habit, herbal medicine, nutrition, hydrotherapy, exercise therapy, homoeopathy, physical therapy, lifestyle, counseling etc.
Holidaymake.com is one of the recognized partners of Medical tourism in India. We have tie up with the world-class hospitals in Kerala and can help you to get the right treatments. Prior to your arrival in kerala we will have organized all your travel, accommodation and appointments in the hospital where you need to receive the treatment. We offers not only the better treatment, and also we have a bunch of tour packages and it will be the best visual treat for you.

After your treatment we will support continuous even after you have reached your hometown and get fully cured from the illness.
Team holidaymake.com have been organizing thousands of medical tours for people from different parts of the world. And we gained the reputation as a reliable health tour organizer. Apart from that we can also assist you with the travel and accommodation needs based on your budget. You can feel safe with us, we will arrange all your needs to get the health treatments just like a family member.

We have specialized hands on,
• Cardiology Treatments
• Dental Care Treatments in India
• Dermatology Treatments in Kerala, India
• Gastroenterology in India
• Gynecology Treatments
• Infertility Treatment in Kerala, India
• Neurology Treatments
• Ophthalmology Treatments in Kerala, India
• Orthopedic Treatments
• Oncology in India
• Ayurveda Treatments in India
• Naturopathy Treatments in Kerala, India


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