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USA with Cruise

Price ₹231000 16N/17D
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USA with Cruise

₹231000 per person

The U.S. is a country of 50 states covering a vast swath of North America, with Alaska in the northwest and Hawaii extending the nation’s presence into the Pacific Ocean. Major Atlantic Coast cities are New York, a global finance and culture center, and capital Washington, DC. Midwestern metropolis Chicago is known for influential architecture and on the west coast, Los Angeles’ Hollywood is famed for film making.

  • Destination
  • Departure
    Los Angeles
Day 1
Arrive at Los Angeles .From the airport the guides will help you out to your drive to hotel. Check in your hotel and take rest or local site visit.
Day 2
Start your day with the visit to this magical city of Los Angeles. It is located in the west cost of the states. The tour starts with the magnificent symbol of HOLLYWOOD on Mount Lee in the hilly region of Hollywood stands as the cultural icon of the United states. You can take a stroll around the Beverly Hills. It is one of the affluent cities in Los Angeles. Next destination is a live performance in the Dolby theatre. This Place is a well know tourist spot. Rodeo Drive is another place to visit in Beverly Hills. Here you will get to shop from the exclusive and expensive zones. You can roam around to encourage your shopping spree.
Day 3
It will be a whole day experience for you and your entire family. You can explore all those films produced by the studios under their production house. The amazing rides to another world will be a great experience for you.
Day 4
Take a drive to Las Vegas in the next morning. It is located on Nevada, western state. It is a city where people enjoy sunshine 300 days a year. The night life along with bar and casinos will give a warm experience for lifetime. Visit the Stratosphere Tower, tallest tower as well as observing deck in the states.
Day 5
Take a flight to Grand Canyon. The impressive landscapes of the canyon is a memory to be cherished for lifetime. The canyon had been built as the resultant of erosion of river Colorado. Even today the river flows through the rock sand of canyon.
Day 6
It is a fun city located in California coast. You will enjoy the modern settlement around the city. The liberal outlook and the beautiful atmosphere around makes you spellbound.
Day 7
Start your day by embarking the Bay Cruise. Take a view of the Alcatraz Island and Golden Gate Bridge from the cruise. The ride on the cable car of San Francisco gives you an amazing experience. Start your city tour with the Civic Center. It has city’s administrative and cultural organizations located here. Your next destination is Union Square covered by Stockton, Post, Powell, Geary streets. This is also referred as the shopping zone. Nob Hill is a luxurious place for the people coming from the upper class of the society. It also shows a large immigration of crowd coming from China. The last place to be visited for the day is the Lombard street, famous for the steep hairpin turns. This street stretches from Presidio in the east to Embarcadero in the west. It is notable as Route 101 in US.
Day 8
Niagara Falls is located on the border of Canada and New York. The water is coming from the great lakes. It forms the fresh water region in the world meeting at Atlantic Ocean. You will encounter the gorgeous falls that gives you to experience natural beauty at another level. The plunging sound of the waterfalls straight into the ocean of 150 feet gives you a lifetime experience. Usually from the sides of Canada, it is the Horse Shoe Falls that can be experienced. You can also embark Niagara Cruise to experience the tumbling waterfalls over you. The enthralling sound of the falls along with Bridal Veil Falls will give you a thrilling experience. After dinner you can also witness the beauty of the falls in the night with the illuminating lights falling on it giving an experience of rainbow.
Day 9
It is located in the eastern coastline of US. The power of metropolis can be sensed easily after reaching this place. It is capital of the nation, founded in the year 1791. Start your visit to Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. It was founded in the year 1976. This museum is the largest museum with specific collection of the artifacts required in aviation and space. This is also called the center of planetary studies. Your next halt is the Capitol building. It is located at the top of hills of Capitol. It is the seat of Nation’s federal government. Its neo capitol style has made this architecture more amazing to look at. Your next destination for the day is White House, the official residence for the President of the nation. Since 1800 this building has been served as the residence to each elected US president. Irish origin architect James Hoban has designed this neo classical architecture, inspired by Roman architecture to some extent. Next is your trip to the World War II memorial which stood in the nation as the symbol of remembrance who were the world war martyrs. This memorial is of complete significance for US residents as the epitome of honor to those civilians who lost their lives in battlefield. These 56 pillars and triumphal arches make this monument look beautiful. Next destination is the Washington monument rose around 555 feet. This beautiful architecture of marble made is located in the center of the national mall. This centrally located piece of art look like a narrow tapering end pyramid. This monument was built to give honor to George Washington, commander in chief of Continental Army. Lincoln Memorial is another piece of monument built in the memory of Abraham Lincoln, 16th President of US. This has been designed by Henry Bacon. The statue of the President had been carved out by Piccirilli Brothers. It was influenced by the form of Greek Doric temple.
Day 10
It is situated on the cost of Atlantic Ocean. The skyscrapers and the hustles in the busy streets of Manhattan will be a lifetime experience for you. Spend your evening in pub crawling in the city of New York.
Day 11
After giving a royal treatment to your taste buds with ravishing American breakfast start your day for Statue of Liberty. You have to embark the cruise to sail across the water path for getting an amazing view of one of the wonders of the world. The statue was built by Gustave Eiffel and designed by world famous sculptor Frederic Auguste Bartholdi. It is considered as the torch bearer for the people of USA. This statue is made up of copper. Your next destination for the day is the observatory 86th floor in the building of Empire State. This gives you an opportunity to look at the city from a bird’s eye view. It is the world’s highest state building. There are 102 floor total in the building. It had been built during the years of great depression in the year 1931. The huge elevator ride gets the tourists to look at the city surrounding. This entire building has been constructed with a concrete plan with steel of 60000 tones. Your next visit is the central park. This park is a lifeline for the Manhattan city. This rectangular shaped park covers around 340 hectares of lands extending between the street numbers 59 and 110. This urban park is one of the most visited one by the tourists. Next destination is the Rock Feller center. This is believed to be the world’s largest skyscraper connecting around 21 building in total. It is situated in Manhattan between the avenues of 5th and 6th. The lower part of the complex is decorated with flags of states who are the members of United Nation. There is a presence of skating rink used by tourists and locals. This locality is a settlement of largest business hub in the world. Wall Street is the name that defines the global economy. It is the financial district of New York. This city has been built up by Dutch for protecting it from the English invasion. The world renowned banks and other legal and financial organizations are all located in this particular district. The New York Stock Exchange is the oldest building in New York. Your next destination is a reminiscence of historical event- World Trade Center. On the eve of September 11, 2011, these twin towers had been crashed by flight 11of American airlines. These historical event had shaken the entire world with terrorism. The visit to this place will give you a remembrance of those memories. Another famous streets in New York is Broadway. It is the largest street of the city. This 38kms long street is going through the islands of Manhattan. It was built around 1328. These streets are famous for its Broadway theatre performances happening between the street 42nd and 66th. Your last destination for the day is the Time Square. This place is well organized with large hoardings, bill boards, television, signs and cinemas. The hustle of this particular street will make you fall for the American dreams. This street is also known as Crossroads of the world.
Day 12
Next morning you have to take a flight to Orlando. It is located in the Florida, Atlantic Ocean in the east and the west is covered by the Gulf of Mexico. It is the third largest metropolitan of the state of Florida. Beautiful gardens, art museum, and well planned city will make your visit to this city memorable.
Day 13
After taking delicious breakfast, embark your cruise from Port Canaveral. It will be an amazing experience in the Caribbean Sea. It will be a lifetime experience on the heart of the sea to experience beautiful Norwegian Sun.
Day 14
Your day start with multi cuisine breakfast in the cruise. You will be reaching Nassau on your 9th day. You can go for shore excursion on your own to experience different water sports activities. If you are an adventure lover then you must go to visit the shore. The gorgeous white sand of Bahamas along with beautifully architecture of old buildings will make your trip amazing. Nassau is famous among the tourists for its shopping, restaurant purposes.
Day 15
Your stay in the island of Bahamas will be incomplete without experiencing the water sports activities like snorkeling, Kayaking, Jet Ski. If you are an adventure junkie, then this place is a paradise for you to explore. You can also experience parasailing from the feet of 400 above the islands to treasure a lifetime experience of natural beauty. You can also experience the marine world closely.
Day 16
After taking breakfast from the cruise, you will be visiting NASA Kennedy Space Center. It is located in the coast of Florida. You can look at the last launched space shuttle, Atlantis. For the world, it has been displayed in the center. You can also look after the mechanism related to launching program. You can take a lifetime experience in the space center by traveling into the space. In IMAX theatre you will enjoy the thrill of space along with floating experience at zero gravity. Your visit to the center comes to an end with looking at Hall Of Fame of US astronauts.
Day 17
After a long vacation in USA, take your flight back to home.

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